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10 by 12 shed on concrete tube forms

I won't critique your specific design with the intent of salvaging it because I think it has major flaws. I'm not sure where you got it, but it's quite unorthodox. Some general thoughts: I don't ...
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10 by 12 shed on concrete tube forms

I would be extremely skeptical about using only 4 concrete piers to support a 10' x 12' shed. This web page about shed foundation piers recommends 6 - one in each corner, one in the middle of each 12' ...
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Best way to power a nearby shed from house?

Consider RMC conduit. The stuff is usually dismissed out of hand because it's pretty expensive compared to PVC. However, when you're only going 8 feet, that's not actually a pain point. The beauty of ...
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Running Electric to Shed

Your indication that you really want no room for the future, I will offer a minimalist scenario. UF is fine in crawlspace, you have to install following NM rules where not underground. Feed 12/3 Uf ...
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