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If carefully managed, I could see collecting the water in a barrel at the high end of the shed and using it for watering purposes. I'd think you would want to just collect it and dip it out to water the flowers, having some sort of automated system would probably be more complex than what you're after. (If it's not, that's probably fodder for a whole new ...


It seems a sump in the lowest corner with an electric pump would keep water at a minimum . Maybe two sumps . Break /cut through the concrete and put in a cement or even a plastic tub to set the pump into.


Building a higher floor inside is not solving the problem of water getting into your shed. Your plan to to level gravel for a cement floor sounds smart and feasible. The gravel under the block would allow water to drain if the existing concrete slab were pitched properly. You did state there was a high point to the floor, but unless that high point is ...


I would start by digging a trench and filling with gravel / small stones to direct the water away as much as possible. Did that at the back of my property - started at 6" deep and went to 12" as it needs a small slope. directed the water into an existing drain and it worked a treat. Only took 2 afternoons of digging and measuring the slope. Edit: ...

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