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I ended up removing the toilet from the wall. First I used a shop vac to vacuum up the sewer pipe. There was hardly any litter in there. It must have been just a small amount that fell out the last time I flushed it. It turned out the clog was in the toilet itself, at the very bottom of the goose neck. So, as Jack recommended, if I had kept trying with the ...


There are no clear cut rules on how an auger should work. They're designed to "screw" into the clog and either break it up so it flows down the drain or catch the clog so you can pull it out with the auger. Keep trying to remove bits of the litter like you said you have done. Chemical stuff probably won't work since the litter is compressed paper and has ...


I would try some sort of chemical drain cleaner/clog desolver. This will only help with a minor plug but with repeated use may have a better effect.

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