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The MDS notes that the components are latex polymer, water and CaCO3 (calcium carbonate). These are inert and should not interact with the sheathing.


I would shy away from caulk just because you might have to remove the ring/trim in the future and caulk would make that difficult. Have you thought about using some weather stripping? It comes in various thicknesses and colors and is self adhesiving. It's easy to use and less messy than caulk.


There are ‘paintable’ silicone caulks, if the gaps are not very large that may be a good choice. Look for that keyword when selecting. You could also use drywall paste (plaster? Not sure of the term in UK) If you need flexibility, like if the fixture may move relative to the ceiling, silicone is a good choice, but if not and it’s only small gaps (<=10mm) ...

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