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Some useful terminology: The short bits with at most a small notch on the shank are known as "insert bits". The long bits with a wide groove on the shank are known as "power bits". When you have a tool that takes power bits, you use an adapter for insert bits. Many adapters of this type have no moving parts and use a magnet to retain ...


Get a bit tip holder like this one


Those little bits aren't really made to go straight into the chuck. Even if the chuck is made to grip the little grooves, it's hard to see the tip with it so close to the chuck. There might not be enough room to get the whole nose of the driver in that close to the screw. Those bits are best put into a bitholder - the bitholder will grip the little ...


Highly resinous pine studs can get very hard with age. You should drill the pilot hole the full depth that the screw will go into the stud then a little past that. Often the diameter of the pilot hole must be increased over the recommended. The drill you used (1/16") is very small. When you get your new screws you will probably need to use a 1/8" ...

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