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What to do with roof vent if needing to drywall over it?

I'm not sure what your entire roof design looks like, but typically people install "Prop-A-Vents" or equivalent products to facilitate airflow from the soffits up to a ridge vent (or the ...
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What to do with roof vent if needing to drywall over it?

Those vents have no relationship to your drywall. I assuming you have an air/moisture barrier immediately inside the drywall (be it poly sheeting or XPS), they're entirely inconsequential. If you want ...
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Proper sealing for brownstone roof dividing wall

My roof is extremely similar to the last picture. So similar, in fact, that I suspect I know where you live. The way these roofs work is that that the roofing membrane forms a U shaped bathtub that ...
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Can I put patio style wooden planks on this roofing material on my patio?

This looks to me like a liquid applied elastomeric urethane deck coating with broadcast sand which has been overlaid by another coating of the liquid membrane. This is quite typically used for ...
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How can I neaten the edge of my existing flat roof extension

A rain gutter with a taller profile and mounted in the right place could conceal the roof edge. If quirky design is your thing, that edge looks to me like it could be dressed up to look like icing ...
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How much R-value do you need to insulate a garage ceiling with exposed 2x6 rafters in Zone 4?

You have 5 1/4 inch hight at the 2x6. So here is what you can do choosing different materials. Rigid foam's have better R than Fiber glass, but they cost more. Now the choice is yours if you want to ...
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