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How far should shingles hang over the drip edge of the roof?

It may depend on the specific brand and version of the shingles used. Here is an advisory from GAF a major manufacturer: GAF Shingle Advisory In it they say: Shingles should not extend more than 3/4”...
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Should this shingle have another shingle covering it?

There's always a last shingle as the caps overlap. If you have two different ones this way, there were two "last shingles" (not a huge deal.) If you put another shingle on top, you'd have to ...
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Do I need a new roof to install ridge vents?

Ridge vent requires a channel to be cut down the ridge. With plywood or OSB this usually isn't a problem. With shiplap it may result in very narrow strips being left behind, which could leave the ...
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What is the basic process for removing and replacing roofing materials around clean out vents?

You actually summed the job up pretty well... but nothing goes that smoothly. You're on a roof and working at an angle so if you're not use to doing that, the job will take a lot longer. They probably ...
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Normal variation or poor quality / craftsmanship on shingled roof

The photos look like a top of the line job there are some minor imperfections in a few of the shingles. Note how straight the lines are and the ridge, I have seen many worse jobs by top of the line ...
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