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One thing I use to prep surfaces is scotch bright pads. The green ones are what I use most often they conform to shapes and really take the sheen or gloss out with very little effort. They have red that is Heavier or more corse or white that is finer but green works quite well for irregular surfaces.


They make products called liquid sandpaper or deglosser. You would rub onto the surface of the item you want to take the sheen off of. These products will prep glossy surfaces so new paint will stick to it. It works on many coatings i.e. Enamel, latex, polyurethane etc... They work fairly good. You could also use a q-tip or small brush to get into tight ...


If it's wood, sanding is always an option if you want professional results. You can also use a paint remover. There are many on the market that are a gel and water based and can be used indoors. One that come to mind is Citristrip, see below. It can be applied and after a short time can be wiped or lightly scraped off to removing the old surface, eliminating ...


Sanding is the best option, just takes time, patience and elbow grease.


Like Solar Mike mentioned, you can try something like this. You would put this up, perhaps make an accent wall if you wanted - here's an example, but there are so many variations you can do, totally up to your creativity. Or keep it very basic and frame outside. Although, with 4x8 sheets you would probably need something in between, some sort of vertical ...


I would put a wood frame around/over it then cover the frame with a hardboard then decorate that. Many times that an internal framed wall has been removed to find things behind.

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