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I recently purchased a brand new GE refrigerator and it was making a terrible noise about once an hour that sounded like a metal fan hitting something. Turned out it was because the ice maker was in the on position and the waterline hadn't been hooked up yet. However even when I called the store they didn't seem to know that would be why I was getting that ...


I folded a business card and taped on the back of the filter this allowed it to press the filter in a little further. Worked fantastic !


I have a Kenmore side by side circa 1997 or so in my garage. I put it in the garage when I got a new one for the house. I then found out it didn't work properly because it's not designed to work below an ambient temperature of 60 degrees F. Sheesh! My garage is insulated and in the winter maintains a temp of around 50 degrees. I live in the mountains in ...


No way to know, those weird noises might be noises of imminent failure in the next 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or year... who can tell... I seriously doubt if there is anything to be gained in turning it off now - any damage is there. However, you might be lucky and it may run for years and it is just normal noise.


If it's not stainless steel it might rust (or generically corrode for non-steel) sooner than plastic would break. Manufacturing-wise, the plastic part is no doubt less expensive to make.

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