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If you've already decided that this is how the railing will be mounted and you just want to make it less wobbly, add braces similar to this: (Drawing by Regal Rail Braces)


Can you avoid replacing your newel posts? Probably not, but... As you've implied, the right fix is to plunge the posts through the decking and mount them securely to the framing. It's understandable that you don't want to do that now, but it's probably worth doing. Heavy duty post bases are fugly and probably too tall, and they still won't give you a truly ...


One idea, not sure how great it is but it fits in with your constraints. It might not be possible for every post either. The basic idea is to drive lag bolts (screws) from the underside of the deck and pull the posts down tight against the top of the deck. You'd want fairly large screws (I was able to find 17" lag screws once) and you would want to be ...


A diagonal brace from corner to corner would be ideal. If that interferes with your in-fill panel, then two smaller braces in the corners would work adequately. Simple 50x50 / 2" square outdoor-treated timber would would be sufficient, and brace can be recessed from the edges enough to make it harder to see. image is for deck supports, not a railing. ...


Diagonals connecting the posts can mitigate racking risk.


Suggest replacing the existing post base connectors with this one, which is made from steel, and considerably much stiffer than what you have now.

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