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How bad is this quartz countertop seam (color mismatch)?

That is, in my opinion at least, quite substandard. It looks as though they put two pieces from different batches together. Seams are almost inevitable but they should carefully match pieces so that ...
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Should I be able to see the seam on an L-shaped Quartz countertop?

The seam itself looks fine. But it could have been tinted a little better. Admittedly all the tops we have ever had have been dark to black and the seams are almost unnoticeable. I would approach the ...
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Fix scratch on quartz countertop

Leave it be, you'll probably make it worse and more noticeable than it is. Besides, I see no scratches except for a scuff. If you're not prepared to re-polish all visible surfaces then whatever you do ...
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Can I use a sander or grinder to polish quartz countertop edges?

I have only used tools designed specifically for this purpose. For example, Makita makes a stone polishing tool. It looks like an angle grinder, but it has different attachments, variable speed ...
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Is it normal to see variation in manufactured quartz countertop sections?

Every slab is bound to have variations. One slab could even have variation from one end to the other. If your top supplier got two slabs that were cut off a block right next to each other it should ...
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Scratched Quartz Countertop

Do you have any adhesive/sealant left from the install you could fill it with? Mine came with color matched adhesive for the back splash pieces.
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Can quartz be sealed? If so, would it have beneficial effects?

I'd suggest finding the local stone supplier (possibly through your local kitchen installer), and ask them. It sounds like your quartz is more porous than usual is you are getting stains on it - ...
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Glass cooktop sealed to quartz countertop

I am not sure if dental floss would work on such a large area but if you can get floss in the crack and pull it back and forth it cuts silicone like a hack saw. I find unwaxed floss cuts faster but ...
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What can I use to seam a quartz countertop besides epoxy?

Find an adhesive that is Greenguard Gold Certified GREENGUARD Certification helps buyers identify interior products and materials that have low chemical emissions, improving the quality of the air ...
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Does electrical outlet in man made quartz backsplash require box extender by code?

I don't know what all the issues are that influence the code, but here is what it says: 2017 NEC 314.20 Flush-Mounted Installations. Installations within or behind a surface of concrete, tile, gypsum, ...
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Grind a quartz counter top or call a Pro?

To answer your question, “Can a novice it in place”. Yes you could, but I would NOT. The hole for the sink is normally cut out before the countertop is installed, with water flowing on the ...
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Vanity countertop support for piece over toilet

Most natural stone won't cantilever that far without breaking. Even a synthetic like corian may or may not work. There's probably a narrow ledger (~1x2) supporting the back.
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1/4" water line through kitchen quartz countertop

1/4" nominal PEX would be a 3/8 or 7/16" hole, with a 3/8" outside diameter. 1/4" outside diameter tubing would be 1/4-5/16" (or 6.5-7mm) Diamond core drills are the usual ...
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Gap between quartz upstand and wall

The counter top itself can be trimmed to the contour of the wall. However the backsplash, or upstands are a uniform thickness and cannot be trimmed as to fit the contours of the wall. If the wall is ...
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Should I be able to see the seam on an L-shaped Quartz countertop?

If you want a perfect invisible seam you need stone with a more regular pattern, seams planned from matched adjacent slabs laid in the same direction, and a skilled installer. It's a lot more ...
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Was the wrong type of caulk used to seal the quartz between the counter and wall

One reason might have been old caulk. The way to fix is to remove all old caulk and redo. Caulk has maybe 6 months to a year of shelf life(unopen), so check the date. The type of caulk is probably not ...
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What can I use to remove smeared, thinlayer of caulking/sealant from quartz backsplash

They already left you the best tool for that 4 Inch Razor Blade Tile Scraper But the blade needs to be replace every so often. A old used razor blade would not work, so replace it ! Source: Amazon ...
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Leveling countertop for quartz

The countertop manufacturer/seller will have requirements for the support of the countertop material that say it must have support every X inches, and that any overhang over Y inches must be properly ...
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How bad is this quartz countertop seam (color mismatch)?

No, it is COMPLETELY unacceptable, and whoever installed it knows that. Ask him if he would accept that level of workmanship in his own house. He wouldn't, and neither should you. If you haven't paid ...
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Are there any non-cosmetic differences among quartz countertops?

Yes, they are polyesther , often called "epoxy", with silica/quartz fill. Different grades of polyesther are used , cheaper ones are diluted with more styrene monomer. And different ...
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Glass cooktop sealed to quartz countertop

I find this knife to be invaluable for numerous jobs. The extendable blade is very sharp. Ease into the space between the cook top and countertop. Make multiple passes cutting a little deeper into ...
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How can I remove a dull spot in a quartz countertop caused by Magic Eraser?

Polishing stones is done by sanding, alternating from rough paper to very fine, from 50 to 3000 grit and water, and is finally polished with a compound paste or wax and a buffer/polisher. I used to ...
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DIY Cleaning Solution for Quartz

Quartz is a man-made product of natural stone components in a resin binder. It is almost as heat resistant as granite (but the resin can be damaged) but is significant more stain resistant than ...
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Quartz countertop seam strength

Absolutely not! Although the seam has been sealed with an adhesive and coloring compound, it provides little flexural strength. Despite the back support, and with little to support the span between ...
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How bad is the seam on my quartz kitchen countertops?

Actually, I noticed two problems with your countertop. One, the gap does seem too large for a stone countertop. Two, the seam is perpendicular when it should have been cut and fitted at a 45 degree ...
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Quartz Countertop, Backsplash caulking

Yes. This gets clear silicone caulk. If you are arguing with a countertop guy over paperwork good luck. But he should have caulked. But this can be done for $4-5 and 5 mins so it isn't the end of ...
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