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Especially within the same size class of saws (eg. 8.5", 10", 12") you will find that machines sometimes have blades which differ in size up to 5 mm / 1/5" (12": 300–305 mm, 10": 250–254 mm). For the less common sizes the size difference might be even more obscure: consider Mafell’s MT55 requirement for 162 mm blades, which is slightly smaller than 6-1/2" (...


This bearing looks like it was pressed on from the splined end of the rotary shaft. Pull the shaft, tap it gently with a brass rod or a socket which fits around the bearing but won't score the shaft. Do this and the bearing should come off. Edit to add to my earlier question based on the new image: On a splined shaft as seen on your third image there ...


Increase your horsepower get an 18V screw gun Buy an Impact Screwdriver. They work with a small sledge hammer.

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