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Can I use a rotary tool to sharpen knives and other blades?

An additional note to add to the good answers already here: I've worked as a carpenter (forming, framing and finishing) some, and love sharp edges. I've never used a Dremel to sharpen; it is too small ...
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How can I sharpen oscillating tool blades?

Those blades are available to be purchased in quantity for under 67 CENTS each! Yes you can sharpen them, but why would you spend the time? There are 2 views on this. One is that it can be done. The ...
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How can I sharpen oscillating tool blades?

As Leah Bolden from See Jane Drill shows, this is easily done using a tri square file. She shows her technique in this video. Basically, you use a triangular file to file new teeth. This even works ...
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How can I sharpen oscillating tool blades?

Generally, those are disposable items. Could you sharpen it? I'm sure you could, but your results would probably be less than satisfactory. Getting enough of the teeth sharp enough to notice a ...
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How can I sharpen oscillating tool blades?

I'd use a rotary tool (Dremel) with an abrasive disk. Gently buff each tooth face with the face of the wheel, being careful not to put too much pressure on the wheel. They don't have a lot of strength ...
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Use impact driver or impact wrench for lag screws?

Have broken a lot of the standard lags from Ace, HD, Lowes, etc. Quality is pretty low. So, predrill and use lube. Bees wax has been suggested as better than loap for several reasons (available at ...
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how to repair a concrete patio slab with crumbling edges

Interesting issue...and seems there are a few things taking place. I'm going to break my recommendation down to two different parts: Repairing the Crumbling Foundation You want to ensure that any ...
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