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Can anyone explain what's going on with this wrap around porch?

To answer your asked question, it looks like the porch foundation is sinking, causing some posts to no longer be vertical, which is causing undesired pulling on the roof structure which, then is ...
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Hanging porch light junction box

That looks like standard channel siding - I'd recommend you remove it, install the light properly, and then replace the siding.
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Hanging porch light junction box

It looks like you have some thin vinyl material as a porch ceiling, unsuitable to hang any light no matter the weight. So you need a "fan box", one with a bar that attaches to the ceiling ...
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How to repair these concrete steps?

The bricks should be laid back in place where they once were, even if they were not the original. Wood that would serve as a backer for anything would be unstable. Wood expands and contracts with ...
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