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First to make clear that the post wasn't glued to the slab, the sealant/caulk was meant to protect the post from the intrusion of water/moisture. As you have noted, the post may not be the main support, since the slab seems comfortably sitting on the wall and the stairs (depends on how it was built). However, it could be a necessity for safety shall the ...


This needs to be taken seriously especially since people use it as a support. That post could be transferring load from the upper floors down to the concrete footer so it should be really secure. Since the post is rotting, I don't think you should trust it. For a temporary fix, I'd suggest a ceiling jack similar to the one pictures below. You can get them at ...


Agree with @r13 . Joists almost always are necessary to stop the roof from pushing the walls outward. If you dislike them, consider "scissors joists" which tie the walls to the roof joists on the opposite side of the peak. This gives you a slightly lower cathedral ceiling but eliminates the joists/beams running in mid-air.

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