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There are 3 considerations: 1) Fire Walls, 2) Flame Spread Index, and 3) Smoke Development Index. 1) Fire walls prohibit (or slow) the passage of fire from one room to another. Fire walls are used to contain the fire to allow a.) occupants to escape, and b.) contain the fire to protect the structure. In residential construction the only fire walls are ...


It is not necessary. Generally speaking, taping is done entirely for aesthetic reasons (where a firewall isn't needed).


Per Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code SPS 321.11, you should be good with 1/2” or greater wood structural panels (including structural plywood, note emphasis in quoted section below is mine): SPS 321.11 Foam plastic. (1) (b) Thermal barrier. Except as provided in par. (c), foam plastic insulation shall be separated from the interior of the dwelling by ...

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