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I did something similar awhile a back but I used concrete piers instead. Since I live in an area where the ground never freezes I didn't have to think about frost lines so I didn't have to very deep. This was kind of a go between the costs. The slab is nice as you'll have your floor already. With a pier system you have to build the floor as well.


One alternative to concrete would be soil cement. The basic principle is that you mix 5-10% of portland cement with the soil, add water then compact it. This reduces both cost and environmental impact. Depending on the use case and type of soil, you could probably get away with just compacting the soil. To get around the moisture problem you could use ...


Concrete is impervious to insects and other critters, it is very clean once fully cured, and will not warp or buckle if installed correctly. Of course, concrete is also very expensive and can be upwards of $10 a sqft and should normally be professionally installed unless you're a pretty advanced DIY'er. Gravel bases and gravel filled plastic can be a good ...

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