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Smooth uneven border areas Mix new plaster or already mixed material Apply the mix on the damaged area When it dries apply a thin layer of mud compound Sand, prime and paint Hope this helps


The best approach is to fix the plaster and paint. Some other ideas: Install oversize device plates. Since you have nice stainless-steel plates now, this will be more expensive, but it would be quick and easy. You may be able to find or make backing plates that fit around the devices, behind the existing plates, and extend outward a small distance. As a ...


I ran into the same question (and the same wallpaper!) when I started working on my 1929 Craftsman. Others have touched on many good points but I'll share things I ran into. First, the easiest way I found to remove the wallpaper... Cover the whole room with tarps and wear old clothes, it's going to be messy, wet, and sticky. Get one of the palm type paper ...


You can repair it. Pick up what's called structolite, some compound, and joint tape (I would use fiberglass joint tape here) . Remove loose plaster and the base coat (the crumbly stuff with hairs) mix the structolite and push it onto the lathe so it goes through the spaces to create "keys". It dries fairly quick so you can add layers to build it up. Once it ...


tear it all down, replace with regular sheetrock / drwywall.


Those walls look in bad shape. The fact that you've done so much work on them and they're still failing is not good sign. You can add drywall on top of the existing walls, tape, prime and paint. This would be a whole lot cheaper than removing and hauling away the plaster. I have not done this but I did go in afterwards to reinstall the electrical switches, ...

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