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It's not normal or expected to have an adhesion failure, occur in the same place, more than once. I'm surprised nobody mentioned what is clearly happening, which is moisture is damaging this ceiling! The black spot does look like mold, that is why I'm positive it's the cause. This isn't the fault of old plaster, or cheap paint, no wall can withstand ...


That grey substrate is the base coat of plaster, you need to check if the base coat is still attached to the lath, put light pressure on the spot, to see if it flexes. If the base coat can be flexed, it means there is a gap between the lath and plaster, and you should remove that part. You need to use something stronger for patching a base coat, I recommend ...


You shouldn't need a bonding agent, for putting a base coat on a scratch coat, or a finish coat on a base. However you do need to make sure you scratched the scratch coat properly, and you do need to dampen an existing coat of plaster before you put on the new wet plaster. If you don't dampen the existing plaster first, it will dry out before setting, and ...


Yes, you can wallpaper directly over the wall, but it is not recommended. Prepare for the future, you may want to change the wallpaper someday. If you don't use an appropriate primer you will never be able to remove the wallpaper without damaging the wall.

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