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Yes pex is fine. Because you are going to vent your steam pipes during the pex replacement in a more suitable way - and something that is code.


The copper side of the joiner will have a standard thread, connect there. leave the mystery blue plastic side undisturbed. Dig under the join so you can recconect it without grit getting into the threads.


Every picture I've seen of polybutylene shows it as pale blue PEX is almost always bright blue (when it is blue). In addition, polybutylene breaks down over time. The chances it's survived in a water main this long is low.


You don't need to replace anything. Hold the Tee/Valve so they don't move, tighten the PEX fitting to each one, done. If the other end is also leaking, start with tightening them into the other fitting, finish with tightening the PEX fitting. Standard PEX threaded fittings rotate so they act as unions (you turn the fitting, not the tubing, it spins inside ...


Ask the supply house if they have a waterworks division or if they can give the name of a local waterworks distributor. (Ferguson is a national waterworks distributor who happens to have branches in a few California cities, for example.) You may be more likely to find the HDPE tubing through waterworks channels rather than traditional plumbing/building ...


I don't know California specifics, but "Polyethylene well water pipe" is a common material for direct burial installation - get the 200 PSI version for the thickest walls / most durability. Quick look at an online supplier finds (no shock) that the 160 & 200 PSI well water pipe is PE 4710 resin high density PE. Thus, not so hard to find. If ...

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