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This can be a tough one to answer, I don’t like to pour next to block walls after seeing pours crack the walls. always settling is kind of true as you add it compacts more but you want some voids in the gravel for water to flow. For me I would rather have to flip some pavers than take a chance of the angled pad cracking your wall as it settles. I used to ...


I would just use a fireplace mortar (like this example from Ace Hardware). For flatter bricks I have used this furnace cement (sold by Grainger, among others). I have made a lot of fire pits. I would go with the first one - or any type like that (the link was not a recommendation just example). Note that I have used pavers almost exactly like yours with ...


Regarding Loctite PL 500 landscape adhesive (mentioned in the asker's answer)... Service Temperature: -20°F (-29°C) to 150°F (66°C) No, landscape adhesive (or at least that specific product) isn't rated for temperatures encountered in a fire pit. That said, if you put a bead toward the outside of the course rings I'd expect it to hold up fairly well. ...


I talked to a sales person at a hardscape place. He gave me: Loctite PL 500 landscape

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