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My installer left a 5/8" ridge just above my shower. What is the best fix?

I had the installer remove the drywall above the opening, add a piece of wood as a shim to the left side, and replace the drywall. This made it all match up perfectly. A co-worker gets all the credit ...
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Patching inner corner hole

Don't go nuts here. That tiny patch doesn't call for additional backing, or oversized repairs. A couple screws and a good tape job will hold it securely. Just cut a little rectangle of drywall a bit ...
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Patching inner corner hole

If you're really worried about backing and don't want to make the hole bigger: Take a strip of wood (maybe 1/4-1/2" thick and 1-2" wide) and cut it to a couple of inches longer than the ...
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Patching inner corner hole

I can't see clearly on the picture if you have framing on that corner, which is usually the case. Or at least some drywall clips. This might sound counterintuitive, but the easiest and cheapest way ...
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I messed up installing a large curtain rod and made these holes in the drywall too large for my self-drilling anchors. How should I resolve this?

Toggle bolts are the only option to reuse those holes. Heavy drapes plus the possibility of being pulled on, mounting to close by studs would be recommended. Since you already have the holes, stick an ...
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Strange smell coming from gaping holes in bathroom vanity

To see inside the wall with no demolition, you might try an endoscope, such as those shown in this search on Amazon. That would not provide as complete a view as taking down the wall and cabinet, but ...
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How can you replicate Sand/Perlite?

That's texture shot from a hopper gun
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