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What will happen if I try to apply paint/stain to damp wood?

We began using the Duckback (Superdeck) products when they were still being made in Mexico. SW decided to buy the company rather than infringe the patent or invest in developing a similar technology. ...
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Can i add acrylic clear coat over an epoxy paint for outdoor project

I can think of a handful of reasons to put an acrylic over epoxy. One big reason is that the acrylic finish is to match the rest of the piece, but there is a void that has been patched with epoxy. ...
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How can I get a straight line at the ceiling when painting a textured wall?

The only way I have found is spend way too many hours removing the rock hard texture, bump by bump. It's either that or live with a cut-in that is not perfect. I solved this by letting the ceiling ...
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Will rosin paper work well to protect my floor from spray paint if I slide it under the trim before I install the trim?

This is exactly what we did, and it worked out fine. The paper sticking to the baseboard was not a problem.
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What primer should I use on varnished door?

Painting a nice wood door is a shame, if not a sacrilege... But if you're determined to do so, clean the surface thoroughly with something like tri-sodium phosphate (TSP) to de-grease it, possibly ...
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