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I personally love PPG from Menard's. I have spent $80 per can at Sherwin Williams and am stuck with 4 full cans of paint they won't return and I'm not happy with. So, I took my pillow case to match the color into Menard's and for $20 can of paint was perfect. Finally. Sherwin williams was not helpful at all and could only match to the color closest to one on ...


A difference of moisture in the door skins is a plausible explanation for the warpage. An interior hollow-core door is usually made with some kind of fiber board skin on each side. That material is prone to expanding when its moisture content increases. I'd expect the skin on the convex side of the door to contain more moisture than the skin on the concave ...


Airless is neat technology, you can get pressure pots that allow you to power an airless spray gun from compressed air. For a single small project spray cans are cheapest if you want airless. If you're not worried about paint drifting just use a regular high pressure spray gun. Paint spraying doesn't need a high volume compressor, the one you have should be ...


Depends what you hook it up to for a spray gun. You know the limits, shop accordingly, or use a paintbrush.


You can use the same brush with several types of paint in a short day. Pro tip from a professional: Thoroughly wet the brush with water. ( doesn’t need to be hot or warm.) give it a few shakes, tape the medal part on your shoe or tree, wipe it off back and fourth aggressively on your pants or cloth. This prevents the Paint from being pushed so deep into the ...


Sanding after priming will help you eliminate bumps and dents to achieve a better finish with the paint layer.

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