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Concrete floor paint, as used in showrooms and garages will do just fine. Different colours are available, and some mix with epoxy, giving an even harder finish. Might be an idea to mark the edges of the treads in a lighter colour, for safety reasons.


You could just lightly sand it with fine sandpaper and use a damp cloth to wipe off. nothing else.


Are you planning o repainting it? If so, ignore the residue and don't sand it, you will make the surface MORE smooth and the paint will have LESS adhesion.


The absence or red or brown corrosion products indicate it is not likely steel. A magnet will end the guessing. It could be steel with an exceptionally thick zinc galvanizing. Or zinc or aluminum die casting. Water will not corrode it significantly. Apparently a brass mail door and a lock that is really good chrome plating, stainless or German Silver ( white ...


No Paint at all. Spray adhesive and aluminum foil. Or aluminum foil duct tape, but the former will (almost certainly) cost less, comes in larger sheets, and can be made smoother if the substrate is smooth. Alternatively, aluminum flashing (natural/unpainted) for a more robust hunk of fairly shiny metal that can support itself between some lightweight ribs to ...


Mylar film and basically anything reflective would work. If your talking about paint though, the most reflective paints that I know about are silver and/or chrome paint. I'm pretty sure that both of those paints can be used to paint on cardboard and plastic.


Use the mylar film. Make a frame on a board and glue the edge of the mylar film around the frame. Make a hole and fit an air valve - all this has to be airtight. Pump up the mylar film to form a parabola and then cover it with resin and fibre. A couple of layers should do. Once hard you can cut around the edge and you have a very reflective and light mirror ...


I'd consider Mylar film and spray adhesive. Heck, you could probably repurpose some snack bags or party balloons and help save the planet. It can be applied to any shape you like if you cut it into strips.


If you are trying to use solar heat to cook , I would get polished aluminum . Such reflectors are used for light fixtures. They are light, strong , not affected by water, and will not break when you drop them. I measured one from an aquarium light and it is 0.011" thick. They can also be cleaned better than a painted surface. Most painted surfaces get ...


Why do you want a clear coat? Do you want the hyper gloss and aesthetic depth that clearcoats give? Or do you just want a paint job that will last longer? Certainly the UV of the sun will give any epoxy paint problems. It will chalk and degrade from the UV. You should not randomly over-top any paint with any other paint, unless the manufacturer specifically ...


There's no hair on a paint roller. It's called nap, and it's described by depth. 1/4" nap is commonly used for smooth walls. 3/8" or 1/2" nap is for more heavily textured surfaces. In your case, the nap is 4mm (about 3/16"). You want a very short nap for smooth surfaces. 4mm nap may still be too much unless you want some stipple. Consider ...


If you're set on using rollers, the one for the cabinet, short hair one, will be fine. Have you considered spraying? I would use a short hair one for the walls too unless you have heavy texturing. Long hair rollers suck up a lot of paint and when applying it to the wall, it creates suction which can pull existing old paint off the wall if you keep going over ...

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