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This trap has no vent, and so it is an S trap. It doesn't have to be a problem, but it could be. Currently if a high volume of water is quickly drained, the traps can be siphoned dry because there is no air admittance before the vertical, other than the trap itself. Add a AAV (air admittance valve, a.k.a cheater valve or studor vent, at the top of the ...


You can combine them but you MUST have fall back to the sink or vented accessory. In other words, if water enters the vent pipe because of rain or snow, the water cannot collect in a low spot blocking the purpose of the vent. When that criteria is met, I have seen this done in the attic space and the vent size is increased to accommodate the multiple smaller ...


According to hvac-talk You don't need a p-trap on coils in the positive side. If you Instal one for code purposes, it needs to be vented on the coil side. The water in the p-trap will not allow plumbing odors to escape out of the pipe. If you ...


It's all the same water so it doesn't matter.

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