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System to roll up outdoor blinds that came without cords

Would need three pulleys, a short and long cord and a hook/boat thingy/holder to hold the cord. Attach the long cord to the short cord before pulley B. Pulley A will be at the far end of the blinds, ...
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System to roll up outdoor blinds that came without cords

I actually did build the accepted answer, I am just posting this so I can add some color and notes. But it's the same basic design. I used 1/8" braided nylon cord, largely because I already had ...
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4x4 Outdoor Bench Swing

Handle? Yes. Handle well? No. Too much flexing. I had tried to re-use a 4x4 for an A-frame swing and ended up replacing the top beam with a 4x6 (with the 6" being vertical); 4x4 legs were fine. ...
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Looking for some advice for my future patio

I think the problem you have is the kind of gravel/stone that is used is not really the kind that compacts to form a solid base for a concrete pad. I think the ideal setup would be to remove the ...
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How to Properly Elevate and Protect Outdoor Electrical Boxes in My Yard

For the half-buried junction box, you can replace it with a fully-buried (flush to surface) electrical hand-hole, after addressing any issues with non-wet-rated cables or wires (can't see if that ...
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Exterior 125A subpanel for pedestal selection

A few things to consider: Anything outdoor-rated should be OK. That being said, I am not so sure (one of the professionals may have a definitive answer) whether a panel on a pedestal is normally ...
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