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How can I paint paneled walls covered in wallpaper?

If the wallpaper has good adhesion Tape the corners and apply a skim coat to the entire wall. The wallpaper will act as the taped seams over the plywood. It's a dusty, messy job. If the wallpaper ...
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Water pulsing in bathroom shower

indications are it is the pressure regulator go outside and find it, then give it one turn clockwise if that doesn't help, you might need to replace it
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Old home: Paper, Felt, and Wood layers under wallpaper - what to do?

You can apply plasterboard over existing plaster, rather than stripping the wall down first. You may need extensions on the electrical boxes, and it will confuse anyone cutting/drilling into that wall ...
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What improvements can I make to help house cool down at night after a hot day?

A whole house fan provides air flow through the house by creating negative pressure (ie sucking) air outside through one room, and drawing it in from others in a way you control by opening doors and ...
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