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question about neutral/ground bonding when a generator runs a furnace

Temporary power arrangements for a furnace seem to be fraught with trouble. Cord-and-plug connection seems reasonable, however, there may be some electrical code issues with that scheme. One possible ...
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Why are my new switches operating in reverse?

This screen shot is from the Lowe's link you provided: Take a look at your switch. I'm willing to bet that it says "TOP" at the bottom as you've installed it. Unscrew the switch from the ...
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Why are my new switches operating in reverse?

TL;DR Turn the switches around With traditional toggle switches, a regular (not 3-way) switch will have embossed "ON" and "OFF" which tells you how to orient the switch. However, a ...
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Neutral Ground Bonding with 2 Main Breakers

In your case you can make the main breaker the inside panel. Label the outside disconnect according to NEC 230.85(3). EMERGENCY DISCONNECT, NOT SERVICE EQUIPMENT Now. Your old panel has a dog's ...
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Microwave on A leg causes B leg voltage to increase, neutral issue, but how to diagnose?

LED light bulbs work differently from incandescent. Inside each "bulb" which technically should be called a lamp is an LED which works on Direct Current and a circuit that has a rectifier ...
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White wiring for everything?

Sorry, that won't work. There technically isn't "neutral wire". You might be referring to "ground wire". But here's the deal - at least in US/Canada: With individual wires and most ...
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