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Can I wire my infrared heating panels to my existing circuits?

TL;DR Only # 1 is legal. The first 15A circuit should be OK. The number to use is actually 12A/1,440W (often referred to as 1500W based on 125V). That's because lighting and these panels are ...
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Are exposed cables along the ceiling in a finished garage code-compliant?

For an unfinished basement that is fine. However for a finished room exposed cable is a no. You will need to encase that run of cables into something. This can be as simple as surrounding it with some ...
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How should this UL-listed boiler cutoff switch maintain Class 1 separation?

The wiring scheme is approved by UL, but using the second knockout as the photo shows is not. The sharp metal edges will cut through the thermostat wire insulation. The knockout plate should be ...
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Cabling electric cable (AWG 8) through roof of garage; NEC code?

Electric code doesn't really care about holes in the roof .vs. holes in the wall. Service masts that penetrate roofs are very common. Common sense says not creating a potential roof leak (& flat ...
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