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Am I allowed to place a light in my small closet per NEC 2023?

You can't put a lampholder in there (like you have right now) - not nearly enough clearance. But you can put in an LED. From 410.16: 150 mm (6 in.) for recessed incandescent or LED luminaires with a ...
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Am I allowed to place a light in my small closet per NEC 2023?

You might have missed 410.16(D) exception [ formerly 410.16(C)(5) ] Surface-mounted fluorescent or LED luminaires shall be permitted to be installed within the clothes closet storage space where ...
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Routing ground bonding conductor across garage

Well, I looked over the NEC 250.64 and surrounding sections pretty carefully. There’s no indication that running a GEC through walls or even above a garage ceiling would not provide the necessary ...
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Extension Cord Coming Out of Kitchen Wall Possible NEC Code Violation

Extension cords have never been legal as installed wiring. (Sort of) good news, though. From the picture that doesn't appear to be an extension cord. Rather, it's a receptacle installed on the end of ...
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Cable sizing for subpanel

Load Calculation Step 1 is to do a NEC Load Calculation to determine how much extra power you can send to the subpanel. Assuming you have 200A service and just the single 200A panel right now, you ...
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