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I agree with the earlier commenters that suggest drilling a clean hole thru the outer layers and into the brick. I am concerned about the use of “glue”. Anything “air dry” is not going to get any circulation. This is a job for a 2-part masonry epoxy.


I'd go with expanding sleeve anchors into the the brick and threaded rod out of the wall, set a nut just below the plaster level, then a washer then your TV bracket then another washer and nut M8 threaded rod should be plenty stuff enough to hold your TV bracket, so go with sleeve anchors in that size. the hole in the brick will be about 10mm but you'll need ...


Feedback: sounds like a good idea. But I suggest you use as big fasteners as possible, as your moment on them will be quite high...the load being so far from the anchors themselves. Something at least 3/8" or even 1/2". The entire weight of the set is around 112lb and your TV will stand at least 6in from the brick surface; this will create a ...

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