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It is such a small space and the rest of the mortar looks to be in great shape so I'd look at sealing the crack with a concrete crack and masonry sealant. Start out by pressure cleaning or scrubbing the mortar to get rid of the mildew. Once dry, get a sealant similar to the one shown below that's a close match to your mortar color. Don't cut the tip off like ...


Your “wall” looks more like a “curb” than a wall. I can’t tell from the picture, but it doesn’t look like it’s holding back any dirt (like a retaining wall). I’d use Type S mortar because it is waterproof (good for exterior use) and has a high strength value. (Type N has a medium strength value.) When installing the mortar, you don’t need to have a “full bed”...


That doesn't sound serious. You're probably right that the masonry has shrunk a bit. I doubt that's enough flex to cause damage over time, and if you're able to press it down with the shower walls, all good. Chances are it'll settle a bit and you won't see any movement after a while.

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