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How to remove door from bathroom cabinet

Check it doesn't need a matching bottom pin pushing up first - that would let gravity keep it all in place the rest of the time, until you need it out. The top pin might then not need any moving at ...
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How to make a bathroom mirror antifog

If your bathroom gets humid enough from a shower that your mirrors fog up, you likely don't have enough ventilation. The mirror fogging up is the least of your problems, you might get moisture-...
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Painting over a shattered miror

I'm not sure what wall liner represents, but one could consider to use decorative self-adhesive vinyl sheeting. My search has found various types of this product. Being self-adhesive means that the ...
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Glue to hold together wooden frame and mirror

The usual approach for mounting glass to wood is to mount it in a rabbit, using use some form of stays so the glass is effectively sitting in a groove. For a mirror that could just be pins/staples/...
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How to fit a mirror to this wall without drilling?

If you mean for the mirror to cover that cut-out in the wall, easiest would be to cut a piece of plywood, or make a frame from small lumber, that has a sliding fit into the hole, with perhaps a cm ...
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Sticking a large mirror on closet door

For something that has a good chance of breaking if it falls, I would prefer solid hooks over the door, than trust tape alone. I am not sure what is available for hooks or what you would like, but ...
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How to make a bathroom mirror antifog

Heated Mirrors exist to solve your problem Mirrors fog because the temperature of the glass is less than the dew point of the bathroom. While it is possible to ventilate your room enough to avoid ...
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How to remove door from bathroom cabinet

Well, when you open the door there should be 2 hinges on the inside with. Approximately 3 screws on each . Unscrew those and door comes off.
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Bathroom Lighting Switch/Motion Sensor solution

The solution is a motion sensor that includes an on/off switch. This is quite common in commercial bathrooms (e.g., office buildings) because you don't want the lights on 24/7 when they are really ...
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How can I prevent hinged mirrors from swinging out of position?

You could replace the hinges with hinges designed for this application - the side mirrors on 3-way mirror furniture may have "teeth" between the barrels to hold them at small increments, ...
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