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You'd need to add substantial rigidity and strength via dowels or other means of connection. It's not a material that tolerates bending stress well. The effort to do it properly probably isn't worth the cost of a new 6' or 8' shelf board. If you were to precisely drill for say six 1/4" x 4" hardwood dowels and liberally apply wood glue to ...


I would not bother to try to join MDF at all in a straight line as not the strongest material around, however if in a cupboard you could support the underside with a bracket and that would work well for you so not to waste your shelves.


Done! Ended up building the base and two verticals with treated 2x4s, and regular 2x4s for cross-support around the fireplace. Then sandwiched-in the verticals with MDF. As you can see, I also used big L-brackets to support the long horizontals. Likely a bit overboard there, but I think they'll look okay once it's filled. Was hoping for a long, open spans ...

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