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It is such a small space and the rest of the mortar looks to be in great shape so I'd look at sealing the crack with a concrete crack and masonry sealant. Start out by pressure cleaning or scrubbing the mortar to get rid of the mildew. Once dry, get a sealant similar to the one shown below that's a close match to your mortar color. Don't cut the tip off like ...


I would say without hammer you will be heating the carbide more although it can usually last running without hammer in mortar it usually takes longer, hitting a steel reenforcement is a reason for breaking carbide tips sure it happens but drilling brick and mortar is normally fairly easy so you may have hit metal and that broke the first bit then overheated ...


When I had poor quality bits, an underpowered drill and hard old bricks I found I got very precise holes due to the necessary method - starting with a thin bit, and working my way up, eg 4mm then 6mm, then 8mm. This also helped me avoid the “slip” when my drill would hit the edge of some of the dry-wall adhesive

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