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Is it dangerous to have no cover on a fluorescent tube (bathroom light)?

There is probably some increased risk of electrical shock, due to water being able to condense directly on the tube and it's terminals mire easily. Minor if so. There is some increase in risk of ...
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Wiring a new light fitting (pre 2004 wiring)

If this is the UK, you probably have 'ancient colours' (solid green not green/yellow). Here's a wiring diagram for a typical ceiling rose: (source, can highly recommend his videos too) We are ...
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Two three-way switches and one single pole switch (in a 3-gang box), powering a second (2 gang) switch box?

There is no magic here. In your plan all the neutrals and all the grounds get tied together in each box. It is then up to to you to trace each hot to each switch and each traveler. It is time ...
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Running electrical cables with a dropped ceiling

It always depends on the specifics of construction. If the wood section can be removed (or partially removed) that may provide the access you need. If there's space above (an attic, rather than an ...
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Did I troubleshoot this 3-way socket correctly?

Between hot of the plug and the outer contact on the bottom of the socket: regardless of the position of the switch, always infinite. This image from Wikipedia by user:Icysubdweller, CC BY-SA 3.0, ...
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Fix christmas lights when AC voltage adapter shows no breaks

A non-contact AC voltage detector won't find a break in series-string lamps if the wires are twisted together and the break is past the half-way point of the hot wire, because, for the whole length of ...
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Should I plan for potential current capacity demands when sizing a circuit?

If you ever decide to install a small generator, ie any one that is not "whole house", you'll want to ration power to the sump pump and other moderate loads while ignoring small but critical ...
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Should I plan for potential current capacity demands when sizing a circuit?

7 + 4 = 11 amps. This is never a problem on a 15 amp circuit. Sump pumps are not a continuous load in normal situations. If you treat the pump as a fastened motor for load calculation, it's still ...
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three way light switch change fron old to new

A lot use none standard colours as the switch Hot/live returns, I would assume the main hot/live goes into A, the N/Neutral terminal goes into N, then the switched Hot/Live go into A 1-3, I can not ...
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