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You don't need to do anything. The switch will pick up ground via the screw heads of the mounting screws. (this "via the screw heads" trick does NOT work for receptacles). If you really want to attach the ground wire, then find the screw hole in the back of the box that is tapped 10-32. That is specifically for a ground screw. You can't use ...


A light is normally designed to mount on a junction box. If your post does not have a junction box built-in, you can either mount one on the outside or, if it is large enough and hollow, mount one on the inside. The wires going up to the box need to be protected from damage. Depending on the type of post, this may be done using conduit on the outside, or you ...


Get a bigger nut/connector (or more of them) You're right to be concerned about cramming the existing wirenut over its capacity. The solution, though, is to either use a larger nut/connector (such as an 8-port push-in type connector) or two smaller nuts connected to each other by a piece of white wire of the appropriate gauge.


Perhaps Halogen 100W. Not sure what the 6V is. Maybe "GV", Walmart's Great Value. They have these bulbs. Or GY, for GY-type pin-lamp base. There are different pin spreads under the GY family, so make sure you have the right one. See also (as suggested in the comments by brhans) Here's an overview for ...


The wire going between the switches is the hot wire. Verify you still have a hot as if this is missing none of the switches will work.

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