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Yes, GFCIs don't care about safety ground. They do not wire to it in any way. Even in the K&T age, they understood the importance of having neutral wires be monogamous to their partner hot wires. Note there is one legal and safe configuration called an "Edison circuit" or "MWBC" (Multi-Wire Branch Circuit), where 2 hot wires share 1 ...


No, knob and tube wiring should not touch anything other than air, knobs and tubes. If you have enough access to add faced insulation, then you have enough access to replace the wiring.


"othering" is fun. That's where you identify a group as "Bad", and pretend all others are "not bad". It's a little too easy to say "Knob & Tube = bad". They require AFCI on new construction, which isn't Knob & Tube, and isn't aluminum wires improperly placed on copper-only terminals and mistorqued. It's ...

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