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Improving under sink setup with drain close to sink bottom

There is so much wrong there. None of the other drains connecting to it are trapped, and the flex tube is totally wrong. The right way to fix this is to open up the wall to access the drain pipe to ...
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Do I need to cut stone countertop for kitchen sink?

As long as the basin fits in the hole (i.e. its flanges on both sides will sit flush/flat on your counter surface) youre perfectly fine, just caulk it.
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Slow Leak at Brass Fitting on Hot Water Line (Kitchen Sink)

If you have replaced the brass fitting and the leak persists, the likely culprit is the white plastic fitting it connects to where the leak is. Plastic fittings can easily be scratched or scored and ...
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Under Sink Plumbing WTF

It doesn't look like there is enough vertical height to install this correctly and the only way to fix that would be to open the wall and move the tee down lower. As it is, the garbage disposal would ...
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Under Sink Plumbing WTF

There are many things wrong. Many. It is really simple. One of the sink drains needs a T, a p-trap and exit to the back sewage pipe. The other goes to the T. You don't need two p-traps and ...
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