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The best way to re-attach your faucet handle with the broken tack-welds is to remove the socket from the shaft, and either weld it properly or braze/silver-solder it properly. Be sure to keep the correct alignment so you can access the set-screw through the handle-hole. The more likely solution if you don't know how to, or are not equipped for, welding or ...


Might I be able to replace the broken slip nut then loosen the other connections and wiggle everything to fit (disposal included - not sure how much choice you get with it's orientation?)? Yes, that's exactly it. The disposal can be rotated to any angle. For a novice it is likely a two-person job: one person holds the disposal in position while the other ...


If it is only this fixture, then I would check the shutoff valve first. It should be under the sink, it has a handle that can be turned on/off.

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