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How can I wrap trim around a corner where the floors have different levels?

The best way would be: Buy a new transition strip and have it go all the way across. Cut a return and glue it to the end of the lighter quarter round. Make a return for the darker quarter round and ...
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Best way to hang 6 foot drywall sheets

To your questions... Butt joints are almost always centered over studs (or ceiling joists). That's normal, and proper taping* technique (plenty of taper width, on the order of 16" out each way ...
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Does caulk or spackle make more sense here?

Oddly, I’d caulk between the window frame and the filler and spackle the wood to wood joint. The caulk at the window frame will have a little bit of give with dissimilar materials. The spackle at the ...
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