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This is normal. The builder has run 4 cables to each room, and brought them all out to a junction box. This work is not finished. On purpose. You are expected to finish it according to your preferences, which the builder cannot and should not guess at. Presumably this involves fitting punchdown blocks to all the cables, (RJ11 or RJ45 depending on phone ...


I had a very similar situation in a house, but the difference is that all my ethernet cables from around the house terminated in the attic. That made it a little easier to deal with than yours, but maybe my approach will give you an idea. Rather than worry about finding a router/switch that would survive in the 130F heat of the attic, I put a patch panel ...


Stated another way, your options are to make the best use possible of the cable that's already installed or install new cable that suits your need better. Ethernet outdoors There exist environmentally hardened Ethernet switches designed for outdoor use, but you won't find them on the shelf at the local big box electronics store and they'll cost more than ...


The grounding is a safety measure, it should not affect your connection. Definitely try another ethernet cable. Now, about that ungrounded outlet..... grounded outlets are a good thing.

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