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Does this attic insulation look like asbestos or mineral wool?

No idea what it is. Could be asbestos. Could be mineral wool. Could be some other natural fibers. Could be some other man-made fibers (e.g., fiberglass). Could be almost anything. But it doesn't ...
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How can I add flooring to this attic without compromising the insulation?

Decking won't affect your insulation since you're not compressing or otherwise affecting it. With 16" joist centers you're probably fine with 1/2" OSB as a floor, but if you want less flex ...
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Weather proof and insulate free standing building floor

Rather than flipping it, build it elevated above the piles far enough so you can attach the plywood, then lower it onto the piles (having made appropriate cutouts for the piles when attaching plywood.)...
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Does this attic insulation look like asbestos or mineral wool?

You can’t tell by looking However, given the date of construction, it’s entirely possible - the damn stuff was ubiquitous. Anything before 1990 is likely to contain it, anything up to 2003 might ...
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Close large uneven gap between tile and drywall with limited access

D seems best of the options, but yet seems flimsy to work with. Option E: Based on the spec'd 1-2" gap, I would try a 3-to-4-inch-wide board of correct length, scribed and pre-fit if possible to ...
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How should I insulate crawlspace joist bay for water supply lines?

Run the pipes against the floor, (or at least above the insulation), so they are at house temperature, not outside temperature or somewhere in between. Slightly below the floor might be better if you ...
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Would Installing a second layer of 1 1/4” EPS foam board help cool a hot garage when placed over the factory installed over factory polyurethane panel

There are so many variable factors it the actual result may be incalculable. However common sense says there would be an improvement in heat reduction. To know the actual result the simplest test may ...
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Does a vaulted ceiling with air gap above insulation require ventilation?

If you have an air gap above the insulation, it must be ventilated. The excess heat must have some place to go. Preferably through a ventilated ridge cap, and continuous soffit vents at the overhangs. ...
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Can I safely lift floorboards and trust that the stud wall can be held by the wall ties or would this risk their stability?

Repeating what I said in the comments, those aren't "stud walls," they're basically furring for putting up plaster over the rough stone walls. They're not all that solid by themselves and ...
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What is the best way to patch 3" holes in plaster

I follow insulation companies that leave behind holes just like this. I add a 7inch wood lath with drywall screws. Then put back in the sheet rock cut out or I cut my own 3inch circles. Tape and ...
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