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if the walls are close to the steps they could support the treads directly. the steps could be hollow underneath instead of gravel fill. alternatively mix some cement with that gravel fill it'll stand up on its own then.


I have built many vertical retaining walls. Drainage is the first concern then the height. Code may require rails over several feet (in my area 3' is the max). You did not specify the number of steps or the rise (if more than 3' even with drainage usually reinforcements are required). With some walls this is drilled holes that are pinned together. Some are ...


The simplest and most efficient method is to add a new wall, and have the safe in place when you pour it. Barring that, for a "really, I'm QUITE sure it's not structural" wall, rental or purchase of various destructive technologies will aid the process - diamond core drills can make large holes cleanly and quickly. Diamond saw blades can make grooves ...

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