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How far to put a prehung door in a rough opening?

Keep in mind the exterior finish. Normal is to have some form of frame trim. You can buy brickmold and place around it, attaching to the inside edge of the frame on the outside of the door. Or ...
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Installing curved shower rod in standing shower stall

Yes, of course you can. The attachment method will depend on the molding material and its thickness, and perhaps on the type of wall that sits behind the molding. I recommend drilling pilot holes ...
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How do I install an interior pre-hung door?

For interior doors, the door stops are usually pull off carefully. Nails/screws can then be used to hold the door frame to the rough opening. Doors stops are usually only held by small finishing nails....
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Electrical Code Compliance Question

To answer your questions: It is not grounded (you can see the ground wire cut off and not connected to the outlet). It is not code compliant for multiple reasons (not in a junction box, not grounded, ...
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Electrical Code Compliance Question

There are two definite issues, some possible additional issues: Grounding The only place ungrounded receptacles are allowed is if they are original equipment installed when a building was built (or ...
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