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Why does my tankless gas water heater shut off when cold water is turned on?

We had this same problem with our Bosch gas fired tankless water heater (WH). There are different ways to fix this depending on your situation. What is happening is that you are using such a low flow ...
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Why do I have water temperature fluctuation?

The bad cartridge (causing backflow from cold into the hot line) might well be in a different valve. There might also be more than one. Look for a faucet/fixture where the hot line (run some hot to ...
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Why does my water heater let the water cool down sometimes?

A bit late to the discussion, but another possibility is that your local electric utility has installed a time-of-day control on your water heater so they can help reduce peak demand by turning off ...
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Diagnosing water heater - can I apply voltage to a thermocouple?

In theory yes if you had an appropriate DC source lying around you might be able to use it to operate the gas valve. Note that the resistance of the solenoid may be very low and its current demands ...
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Does the water heater tank have anything to do with the house heat?

There are setups that use the main boiler/furnace to heat a pumped loop which then indirectly heats the hot water tank. I have one in my gas-fired system, a friend has one in her oil-fired setup. Done ...
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Does the water heater tank have anything to do with the house heat?

Wild guess, but.... There are four ways to shut off a water heater: Electric (not the case here) - thermostat to OFF Electric (not the case here) - turn circuit breaker OFF Gas - thermostat to OFF ...
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Replace Anode on 10 year-old gas-fired hot water heater? Or leave well enough alone?

So long as the anode has material remaining, there should not be any rusting to speak of. Rusting starts when the anode runs out of material. Changing the anode provides new material to continue ...
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