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AO Smith Hot Water Heater Not Starting - Pressure Switch - Suggestions?

You just need a new pressure switch. those things konk out after 8 to 12 years. probably a little secret thing that they do to get people to buy new ones. even though its a 40 buck part.
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Tankless water heater cold water after 3 minutes then recovery

This might be a symptom of low water-flow causing the unit to cycle off and on. From Rinnai's web site: With low-flow faucets and showers, "If you find you’re not getting the hot water you need, ...
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How can I preheat water using indoor air prior to entering a hot water on demand unit?

Condensation on anything used as a heat exchanger either pipes or tanks (Think uninsulated toilet tank on a hot humid day) could promote mold/mildew. An insulated water holding tank or pipes would ...
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