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I learned a little about these doo dads this year when the two on our home started leaking after the winter freeze we had in Texas. The rubber grommets inside both went bad. After trying to get them off with no success, I took a picture and headed down to my favorite plumber dude on isle 9 at our local Home Depot. He laughed and smirked a little, then told ...


TRY a POTATO ! just cut a piece of potato and "screw" the potato into the female end-- it just might grab enough for you to unscrew the broke male threads -- it is safe on your hands and cheap to try - won't damage anything-- I have used this to get out broken light bulb parts in a socket too! GRANDPA taught me this decades ago!


If you have 2 seconds of good flow followed by low flow there is a restriction upstream. The longer the burst the further up stream the restriction is. The leak at the ball valve stem, You may have melted the oring or nylon seat that seals the shaft when soldering. The heat deforming the seal causing the leak. I have had luck removing the nut and handle ...


Its not worth the effort of the hose. I found the correct OEM hose at a local repair shop. I suggest the correct hose per model.

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