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A tripod & a lazermeter might be an okeyish solution. level the tripod to the desired height and put & turn on the lazermeter. each point snap it takes on the wall will be paralel.


The depression you're asking about appears to be simply sloppy manufacturing to me. It doesn't seem like an intentional countersink. If it was you'd probably have flat-head screws instead. The washer goes under the nut when working with metal, not under the screw head (unless there is no nut or it's an integrated nut). The screw head should be oriented ...


This should really be fixed from the outside first and an appropriate water barrier placed over the hole. If your only concern is closing the hole you could simply cut out a piece of plywood (mashed wood) to fit the whole and then use one or two small strips of wood to screw that piece into the surrounding wood. Something similar to the below: Then fill the ...

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