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Baseboard heater connection to Pex Pipe Corrosion

"Sweating or seeping" is actively leaking, just slowly, unless the "sweating" is condensation on a COLD pipe, which seems unlikely in a Heating pipe. So, fix the leaky connection. ...
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Honeywell room thermostat, a mechanical non digital type. Is there a way to re-calibrate this?

2.5 degrees is pretty bad, you could try a warranty claim. Unfortunately Honeywell's website does not list this model nor does it list T6360B1028 which seems to be an alternative part number according ...
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Can this upper fireplace vent be covered?

I am pretty sure that the lower vent in the intake and hides fans. Those fans pull in cool air from the room and push it around the fire box, heating it, then push it back into the room via the ...
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