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Light and IR (heat) are the same thing, so the light entering the room doesn't actually matter. Visible light itself also turns to heat, just not as effectively. Once IR is in the window, it eventually (in nanoseconds) becomes heat, period. While it's more noticeable on a black curtain, a lighter curtain scatters all (the same amount) that heat/light around ...


Dark curtains will reflect far less heat back to the outside, and thus heat up in the sun and radiate that heat into the house. So it's not just infra-red light (a.k.a. heat light) and visible light passing through the curtain that heats the room, it's also how much infra-red light is absorbed that matters, as it raises the temperature of the material. ...


I doubt either of these curtains reflect a lot of heat. They probably absorb way more heat than they reflect. The amount of light let in shouldn't greatly effect the heat absorption of the curtains. Your new ones will still do the job even if more light passes through them. Think of a light bulb across the room, you get the light but none of the heat.

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