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it ended up being a faulty circuit board. There was insulation that was making contact with the board and when the insulation got wet, it shorted out the board. I cut some insulation away and waterproofed around the circuit board and haven't had an issue since


It might be safe today, specifically; it is just condensation after all. However, I am 99% certain that drain pan material inside A/C coils is not approved for potable water, nor is the PVC drain pipe. Regardless, I think a quick image search for "clogged condensate line" would tell you that condensate water is reserved for your enemies.


It's probably not potable in any sense. I mean, I've drunk out of a garden hose a few times as a kid, but there's a reason they don't let you use those things for your RV potable water. The same would apply to A/C coils (anything on the coils could be in the water). The larger issue will be that the line might start to fill with things like algae or mold. ...


This is merely a way for them to jack up prices and force you into paying $400 for a job you can do yourself for $20 I have charged my system many times and it's fast and easy using only a $49 set of guages.

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