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Chipped floor planks keep snagging my socks

These are "shakes" - this is where the lumber separates along the growth rings. Fill the cracks with glue (PVA / polyurethane / epoxy / cyanoacrylate) then place cling wrap over them and ...
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Chipped floor planks keep snagging my socks

When facing a similar issue in my home office (but with smaller bits of damage) I found a good color-matched wood filler, and applied it according to the package instructions. It has held up well, and ...
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How can I tell if this is hardwood or subfloor?

That’s plywood subfloor. Definitely not hardwood. Source: experience.
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Can I use a belt sander to strip a coffee table

Can you? Sure! Should you? Well... Note: crip659 made a really good point that if this is a veneer, then a belt sander will go right through it in no time. Additionally, if this is a laminate (with a ...
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What are the steps to refinish hardwood floors?

Large orbital sanders are an alternative to using a drum sander. They use a large square sheet of sandpaper about 18 inches by 18 inches. They work well for DIY use as they are less aggressive. With a ...
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How can I remove spot stains from this hardwood floor?

Usually sanding is the only effective treatment, other than living with the spots. You could try "wood bleach" (usually oxalic acid, not chlorine like laundry bleach) which might or might ...
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Please help me identify this 1927 flooring found under carpet? I need to buy 30 feet for repairs

It looks like vertical grain Douglas Fir to me.
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1890s Victorian home: is the wood flooring worth refinishing?

If sanded down, it will be gorgeous!. All you need to do is to find a gap, or check many gaps in the flooring. Use something thin like a credit card or thinner and shove it in the gaps. If there is 3/...
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How should we proceed with hardwood floor sanding when getting uneven results?

The old drum sanders can have a tendency to dig in if you pause. Never have the motor running and the drum in contact with the floor when the sander is not im motion across the floor. The only way I ...
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1890s Victorian home: is the wood flooring worth refinishing?

I refinished a floor of similar age - big cylinder sander, diagonal passes etc etc. Came up beautiful - remember to punch down every nail 😀, otherwise new drum paper required… Make sure you dust seal ...
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Can the water stains in this hardwood floor be sanded out?

If it were me, I would get a chisel and knock out just one flooring strip. Preferably one of the most damaged strips, and preferably from the edge like under the quarter round. Pull it up and actually ...
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can this antique douglas fir floor be saved?

I had the same, sanded down in place, refinished with poly, insulated under floor, filled gaps with a complimentary color big stretch and looks beautiful. Old growth Douglas fir, but concerned about ...
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How to support hardwood floors with no existing subfloors to prevent squeaking in 100-year-old home

The squeaking comes from weight of a person bending the floor. In any and all cases I would not use glue since it will limit/restrict the normal floor extension and lead to floor deformation (in the ...
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