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I finally completed the deck/downspout project and thought I would provide an update of how I ended up doing it. It was quite a bit of research & prep work but I am happy to say that it turned out great. I ended up using an Amerimax 2x3 vinyl gutter drop outlet as an insert to put inside the hole I cut out of the deck. It had a very minimal footprint and ...


Well I have this issue and mine have too many screws in the wood cover. This is what I do. When it is raining, a hard rain, I get out me ladder and push the dirt and the rain help push it out the drain. Other than that you can take a hose and run water but it takes longer. The dirt remains solid if you can't push it out.


That stuff doesn't conveniently blow or wash out. After several seasons of wetting and drying, "gutter sod" has the consistency of shredded wheat biscuit, and is essentially one house-length vegetable brick hardened into your gutter system. Dry, you must manually break it up, inch by inch, then try and blow it out. Wet, it must still be broken ...

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