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What type of material should be used to fill a gap in between my fireplace tiles?

The hottest part of the surround will probably be at the top, where the hole is. So, I would suggest that you keep away from flexible type grouts. Normal grout would probably be okay. But I would ...
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Shower leaking after renovation - grout/caulk question

The tub has a flange around the 3 sides against walls. The tile overlaps that flange about 3/4" or so. This makes it harder for water to past the tub edge. It is better to have caulk that ...
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How can I remove grout from closely-spaced tiles?

Best way, and safest, hands down is razor blades. It's a non sanded grout on ceramic tile, if you use any power tools and cutting wheels/disks chances are a tile will chip or wheel will jump and then ...
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