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It's OK to do that. The epoxy grout is great for bathrooms because it doesn't stain, is virtually waterproof and it's not affected by the cleaning supplies you'd usually find in a bathroom. The installers need to do the epoxy grout first and let it set up. It needs to stay in the bathroom because the sheen will be different than the regular grout so you don'...


"grout... starting to erode or crumble away under squeegee action" Don't blame the sealer. Your grout was not prepared and/or applied properly. Applying a sealer now may help stabilize the grout but your best option would be to... re-regrout.


Success is highly dependent on you following the directions AND your application process. There are many variables, including how porous your grout may have used the wrong sealer or not followed the application instructions, including drying time, thickness of application, etc. I’d re-read the instructions before proceeding: https://www....

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