No, that's not right. -- Unless UL says it is (i.e. if they approved the labeling and instructions for the lug to say that you can do that). But I really doubt that. Retrofit a ground bar. They are readily available in the $7 range. Your panel probably has holes pre-drilled and pre-tapped for an accessory ground bar; add a photo of your panel's labeling ...


The pipe only needs to be bonded at 1 place, usually this is at the meter. If it is bonded there the entire system is attached to a grounding bond and would be legal. The gas pipe is bonded to prevent it from becoming electrified by a short. It cannot be used as a grounding electrode but the grounding electrode system needs to be attached someplace after ...


I wouldn't touch the CSST with a 10-foot pole. It is thin-walled, and any clamping method would risk puncturing it. I would ground the chassis of the appliance, just as I might any large metal appliance whether it ran on wood fuel or steam!

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