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Contractor not ready to put gravel for concrete walkway

One of the reasons for gravel is to create a barrier between the soil and the concrete so the water from the concrete doesn't absorb into the soil. You can eliminate the gravel but would need to ...
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How to Order Material for: Gravel Driveway With Smooth Stones & Bricks

In order, going down: Pavers (probably want 2.5" thick for a driveway), with polymeric sand in the joints after laying. Pavers are usually actually concrete, not (clay) brick. No intentional ...
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mounded dirt prep for gravel driveway?

1-3 feet deep? Just dumped? Spread it out and wait for spring, unless you want to move most of it off to the side and put it in right. If you need to build a driveway up by that much, you need to ...
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concrete patio, grading, geotextile

2 percent slope = 1/4" per foot so 2" is about right over 10'. Your house should have perimeter drains so I don't think the gravel is needed. 4.5" with rebar is fine. If you are putting ...
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Contractor not ready to put gravel for concrete walkway

Gravel is not needed for under a walkway. Rebar is not used as well for a standard 4inch pour. Wiremesh can be used, but the contractor may be using fiberglass reinforced concrete, ( rough strands of ...
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DIY way to wash sand/clay out of driveway gravel?

Just to point out an alternative to the binders mentioned above: some of the park paths in my area are paved in "polymer sand", which behaves very much like well-packed dirt but is more ...
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